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7 Ways to Prepare for An Amazing 2019!

Hello Lovelies!  We are well into the month of November and I’m sure many of you are thinking about 2019.  I’ve already begun planning and thought I’d share with you beauties, 7 ways to prepare for an amazing 2019!

I have got to be my own worse critic, and while I’ve had some major successes this year I always think about what I could have done to make it better. Can’t crush goals without a plan, right?  So, here are some tried and true ways to make 2019 successful:

  1. Set goals that are realistic. Use the SMARTER technique.  When setting goals make sure they are: Specific. Measurable. Achievable. Realistic. Timely. Evaluated. Revised.

  2. Remove unnecessary clutter. Clear the excess materials, stuff, people.  It feels good to start with a clean slate.

  3. Plan your calendar. Operating willy nilly makes you crazy.  Well, it makes me crazy!  It’s always better to have your activities/events mapped out, if you have a busy lifestyle.  Of course, life happens and things are canceled.  But it always feels better when you’re organized.

  4. Take time for yourself.  It’s okay to take time for yourself (note to self).  I tend to go, go, go.  NEGATIVE.  This will cause burn out.  Pace yourself and take whatever time you need to focus, re-energize and reset. Come back to the table, STRONGER.

  5. Make a list of all the things you’ve accomplished in 2018.  A list of your accomplishments will help you remember that it’s okay to own your awesomeness!  It will also make you fine tune your ambitions and focus for the coming year.  Especially  if all your goals weren’t accomplished.

  6. Complete a vision board.  A vision board will provide daily visual reminders of your goals and provide inspiration.  Imagine your excitement as your visions are achieved throughout the year!

  7. Step out of your comfort zone. Aim to do at least 3 things that you normally wouldn’t do that will help your personal growth.  This year I spoke at a gathering with well known celebrities that had me so scared, my kneels we’re literally shaking!  But you know what, I did it and I did it well!  And the next time I spoke to an audience (a big one), it was a breeze.

  8. Bonus: I stepped out of my style comfort zone by wearing hats this year!  Just like the beautiful, chocolate brown Phoenix hat by Tenth Street Hats worn in this post!  Click below to shop my style!

Until next time, love and light!



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