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I’m an Amazon Influencer! Check Me Out!

I am so excited to share with you my new Amazon Influencer Page! This is a new program Amazon has released for social media influencers. Some of you are probably saying, “what is she talking about?”

You’ve heard of Amazon, right? That site that you’re always buying things from? Well, I have my very own page with amazing products I am recommending to you and others, who take the time to follow me on social media or read my blog. Stylish Paradox Amazon Influencer Page

I’ll be adding my Amazon Influencer Page link to all of my social media accounts to drive traffic there to earn affiliate income!

If you are a fellow influencer, you can participate if you have a YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook account. Amazon will review your accounts, number of followers and other metrics to see if you qualify. If you are interested in seeing if you are eligible, click here.

Until next time, love and light y’all!


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