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I Stepped into the Ring with Rykä

Lovelies, last week I received an impromptu invitation to attend an exciting event sponsored by Rykä Footwear. The event was held at the Crubox Gym, in West Hollywood, California and all invitees were given the opportunity to experience an intense, high impact boxing class. I jumped at the chance, because it would be my first boxing class ever!  So, I stepped into the ring with Rykä!

Upon arrival, all ladies that were in attendance, were given a pair of brand, spanking new Rykä athletic shoes from their upcoming Fall 2018 collection! For those of you who aren’t familiar with Rykä, they are a brand who produces athletic footwear that is made by women, for women!  Rykä has actually been in existence for over 30 years, and their shoes are designed especially for the “woman’s foot shape, muscle movement and build.”

More specifically, Rykä touts these benefits of their shoe:

  1. Narrower Heel

  2. Roomier Forefoot

  3. Increased Instep Volume

  4. More Secure Footbed

My pair were the cutest, multicolored neon high top sneaks!  Dubbed the “Devotion XT Mid” trainer, they gave me the support that is needed during a high impact workout. The soles literally felt like soft cushions, which helped sustain me during my workout.  No kidding, these kicks are so comfy.  To view Rykä’s website, click here.

Thanks so much, Rykä for inviting me to this amazing event.  And shoutout to the Crubox Gym staff and our amazing workout instructor, Ap!  When I left the class, I was dripping!  Did I already say Ap was amazing?  She worked the heck out of all of us!

Until next time, love and light!

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