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It’s just the boho in me!


I must admit, if my day job didn’t require business attire I’d don flouncy dresses, flare bottom jeans with patches, blouses with butterfly sleeves and beautiful lace on the regular. However, you’ll find touches of the closet hippie I claim to be on my person whenever I get the chance.  And the mark I wear everyday to proclaim my hippiedom (I know it’s not a word); although it’s ever so small is my nose piercing.  I think it confuses people, lol!


The white flowery number I’m wearing was purchased from H&M. It’s actually a swimsuit cover-up!  Don’t be afraid to break the rules!  I just wear a black camisole under the tunic and I’m good.


Remember, style has no age limit.  If you are interested in styling services to rejuvenate your wardrobe contact me and be the best version of you!

Until next time, love and light.


Images by Maya Lott

H&M Swimsuit Cover Up – Jeans/Choker/Rings Forever 21 – Earrings/Sunnies – “Old” – Franco Sarto Striped Dorsay Stiletto



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