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Kind Science + The Ellen Show

Hey Stylistas! During the week of my birthday in October 2021, I was invited to attend The Ellen Show. When I received the email from her team, I was #1 - super duper happy and surprised, #2 - happy to be chosen and looking forward to trying her new skincare line that was being launched with her business partner, Victoria Jackson.

In addition, invitations were sent to a number of amazing influencers in the Los Angeles area who would be special attendees. In this COVID-19 time period, we needed to be tested a couple of days before the event and on the day of also. Luckily, I was COVID -19 free!

On the day of, myself and the other influencers all gathered in a green room to meet with special Ellen Show staff, eat food and snacks and meet with Ellen DeGeneres and Victoria Jackson. Y'all, let me tell you I felt really special!

So with all of this said, let me tell you about Kind Science products I received.

I have been using the Gentle Cleanser, Hydration Cream, Eye Cream and Neck Treatment pretty regularly over the past few months happily. I have yet to use the remaining products daily and will soon. Ellen and Victoria spoke highly of each of the products.

One of the things I truly loved about the product line is that all products are Skin Kind (Good for All Skin Types), Animal Tested (Never Tested on Animals) and Eco Kind (Made with Recyclable Materials).

Per the Kind Science website, here is Ellen's story behind the skincare line:

"I’ve always tried to take very good care of my skin. But as I got older (and much, much wiser), I noticed that my skin was getting drier and needed a gentler approach. So I turned to my friend Victoria Jackson, an expert and beauty authority with over 30 years in the business. Together we came up with an easy-to-use system that works for my skin, your skin… all skin types. It’s not about “anti-aging” because I think aging is a good thing. It means you’ve lived a lot, learned a lot — and hopefully laughed a lot! I want to embrace life and want others to do that, too, with the support of skincare that gives you real, age-positive results. We’ve harnessed the power of some of the earth’s most innovative, ingredients to address the laugh lines you might’ve gained along the way. And I didn’t want to compromise the things that matter to me — caring for yourself, animals and the planet. I want to keep laughing, just with fewer laugh lines and wrinkles."

All, in all it was truly a wonderful day during the last week in October! Not only did I get the Kind Science products the day before they launched to the world, but I met a group of amazing influencers and wonderful Ellen DeGeneres and her Co-founder of Kind Science, Victoria Jackson.

Please click on the links above if you are interested in getting any of the skincare products. They are all great!

Until next time, love and light!



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