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The Casual Workday.

Peplum Top// New York and Company //Boyfriend Jeans // Jennifer Lopez Collection by Kohl’s // My Amazing Sam Edelstein Shoes // Nordstrom Rack // Bracelet // Nordstrom Rack// Turquoise Ring // Gift from the Hubbs // Images by Yours truly // Photography by // Yours truly

Everyone’s interpretation of “casual friday’ in the workplace varies, especially depending upon the type of workplace you’re spending your time. Friday is almost ceremonial for me because it marks the beginning of my time away from the 9-5, and more time to focus on my passion. 

Jeans with high heels are usually the regulars for me on Friday, or an adorable dress with flats or oxfords. Last Friday I chose a plain white t-shirt with a white peplum with black stripes to accompany my “old faithful” J. Lo boyfriend jeans. My white and black Sam Edelman’s took the ensemble to another level.  

Stylistas, if you need assistance organizing your closet or want your wardrobe revitalized, let me #organizeyou #styleyou

Become the best version of yourself. Let me show you how!

Until next time, love and light!




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