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When Empowered Women Gather = A Fabulous Day at The McCord List Event

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the McCord List Event Photoshoot and Luxury Gifting Suite.  What I loved most about the gathering is that it was brought together by a woman who empowers other women.  You know that’s my kinda girl! Because when empowered gather = a fabulous day at the McCord List event!

The host, Rachel McCord is a celebrity model and entrepreneur.  Her organization, The McCord List has inspired thousands of women across the world, with it’s syndicated show, Slay with Rachel McCord, mentorship programs and events.  The McCord List is a blog and community of influential women in Hollywood, who are passionate about empowering the woman to believe in themselves and SLAY!

The event was held at Yamashiro Hollywood, which is a hilltop restaurant (mansion) overlooking Hollywood. The grand facility is known for it’s Sushi and Cal-Asian fare, lush gardens and koi ponds.  The space is absolutely breathtaking.

In attendance were other influencers, entrepreneurs, brands and of course, Rachel McCord (the host).  All present enjoyed great company, mingling, learning about exciting brands and participating in photo ops!

Sponsors for the event included:

Skindinavia: a shine-free makeup that sets and holds for over 16 hours!  It is the best primer and setting spray I’ve ever used.

Promise Cosmetics: Promise believes in genuine skin care and strives to combine the highest quality ingredients with advanced formulas and the best cosmetics technology.  Promise devotes a share of its profits to support at-risk-youth and is privileged to have people with special needs packaging its products.

Mott and Prince: Mott and Prince is a place for women to feel inspired and empowered through their style, experiences and culture.  They want to give women an amazing shopping experience, but most importantly a place for them to learn and connect with others with honest experiences and live happenings that we can all relate to.  The passion behind Mott and Prince is to give women the strength to feel beautiful and confident in their own skin.

It was a great day and I appreciated the invitation!  Thank you Rachel!

Until next time, love and light!



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