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Breaking the Silence: Addressing the Stigma of Bladder Leakage and How to Manage It

Hello Stylistas! 

Today, I re-appear!  So happy to be back on the blog.  Writing is truly therapeutic for me!

I’m here to share with you: 1) A topic many women don’t like to talk about and 2) a brand trip I had the pleasure of taking in October of this year.

Here's a little backstory, before I delve in. In June of this year, I was honored to be called upon by Always Discreet for an amazing brand campaign.

Now, let me make something very clear. I don't do work with brands where 1) I don't stand behind the product; 2) Use the product; 3) and have a reason to use it. If you didn't know, Always Discreet is a product geared towards those of us that have bladder leaks. Yes, BLADDER LEAKS. A subject many don't want to talk about. These products (liners, pads and underwear) are designed to provide protection.

Did you know that nearly half of women over the age of 50 have experienced bladder leakage, but most haven’t talked to a doctor?  Yes, the subject may be a little embarrassing for some, but there are ways to handle and cope with this issue. 

Some of the strategies that are used to manage urinary incontinence are doing pelvic floor exercises, limiting fluid intake, modifying your wardrobe to hide a possible accident and using pads/protective garments.

So in the Fall when I was asked to attend an Influencer Workshop in the city of Cincinnati for Procter & Gamble with 6 other influencers who hail from different parts of the United States, of course, the answer was YES!

Photo captured by MSL Group

During my trip, myself and the others involved learned about the long history of the trusted iconic brand Procter & Gamble; were educated on Always Discreet via a very informative workshop with pure facts, not fiction.  In addition to being educated about the brand and it's history, we were also treated to fine dining, self-care activities and spent time in deep conversation about our experiences with urinary incontinence and the world of content creation.

Did you know that Always Discreet designed their products with the input from over 10,000 women dealing with bladder leaks?  Were you aware that this product provides up to 100% bladder leak protection? What better way to help those dealing urinary incontinence!

So for those of you dealing with bladder leakage, or know someone dealing with the issue, here is a product I stand behind and use personally!  Let’s talk about it!

Click here to see the many different products that Always Discreet has to offer!  These can be found at your local supermarket, drugstore, or online at establishments such as Amazon! 

Until next time!




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