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7 Ways to Look Like a Million Bucks Without Breaking the Bank.

Hello Stylistas! Just wanted to share with you 7 ways to look like a million bucks, without breaking the bank!

Here’s how:

1. Don’t buy clothing or shoes at full price, unless it’s a staple or something you must have.

2. Rule: Don’t break the bank. Save for it, if you have to.

3. Wait until that item you love goes on sale to purchase. I call it stalking the internet, lol!

4. Try shopping at vintage stores. I’ve gotten amazing items, like a pair of beautiful, suede blue Vince

Camuto shoes that had never been worn for $20, Dolce and Gabana sunnies for 1/4 of the price

they were going for at a resale store.

5. Check out 6pm, Letgo, Poshmark and the RealReal for great clothing and shoe choices

for a steal!

6. Make sure you inspect those inexpensive items and look at them focusing on the thought, “if I saw

someone else with this on, would I think they were well constructed, and of good quality?”

7. Make sure you start with a clean slate, lol! That means clean and presentable. But you all knew that


Before I end this post, I just want to share a brief story with you.

There was a time in my life when I was known for wearing incredibly good looking shoes. And as my children were growing up, we would have conversations about purchasing shoes from what they deemed “cheap brands” and how they didn’t want any from there. I would tell them, it really doesn’t matter where you get your shoes from as long as they look nice and feel good.

So let's fast forward…I belonged to a Mom’s club in the early 2000’s that was very well known to have a membership of “bourgeois” women. So one day I went out and purchased a pair of powder blue high heeled sandals; purchased a beautiful silk flower and affixed it to the front of the shoes. These beauties just so happened to be bought from that "cheap brand" that my kids wanted nothing to do with.

I wore the shoes to a meeting; and let me tell you….the compliments I received! The shoes cost next to nothing; and people raved over them! MESSAGE: You don’t have to break the bank to look great! This is a lesson in style I taught to my children who use this in their everyday lives now.

Hope this helps you on your style journey!

With that said, peace and blessings!




I actually recreated this look mirroring our former FLOTUS Michelle Obama. She wore an outfit similar to this one when she did her recent book tour for "The Light We Carry". I think I nailed way. :)

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