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Sudio Sound. Giving Me Musical Therapy.

Music is my therapy.  What about you?  Are you connected to special memories, like time spent with your sweetheart, Christmas with the kiddos, or gospel speaking to your heart through a melody, tune or song?  Do you love R&B, hip-hop, rock & roll, or classical?  What genre gets you out of your seat to shake a tail feather? I’ve partnered with Sudio to share with you their Vasa Bla wireless earphones, that offer a 8 plus hour battery life with studio quality sound.  Because great sound makes a world of difference when listening to your favorite music.

I am really feeling my pair, which I got in black with rose gold details.  They are also available in the colors, gold white, pink, blue and coral.

Easy to use, just connect the earphones to your bluetooth so you don’t have that annoying, dangling wire in the way when you workout.  Oh, and did I mention the sound already?  It’s amazing.  It comes with the cutest little leather carrying case and removal earbuds in varying sizes to fit you, precisely.

Sudio is a company based in Stockholm, Sweden and was named after the singer Phil Collins’ hit, “Sussudio”!  Remember that song?

Great product.  Great Sound.

Excuse me, it’s time for me to get lost in music, because I need therapy.  Everyday.

Until next time, love and light!




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