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2020: The Ride of Our Lifetimes. Oh, Happy 6 Years Stylish Paradox!

Every year, it’s been a ritual to share a blog post with you all on the first day of the new year.  It’s because I began my journey as a blogger and business owner, January 1, 2016.  But we can’t forget that 2020, has been the ride of our lifetimes. And oh, happy 6 years Stylish Paradox!

I’ve learned so much. What I will and won’t do and about looking and accepting God’s will and blessings over my life.

We all know that 2020 was a year like NO OTHER. So I don’t have a problem saying goodbye to all the drama and anxiety it brought.

Despite all the craziness going on, God ensured I never lacked. In fact, my business had it’s biggest growth in the middle of this pandemic. I worked with amazing brands and secured campaigns (without pitching – meaning not asking for work) totaling five figures. I made amazing connections with women all over the globe, leveled up my business by investing back into my business with 1) a coaching session with Johanna Voss; 2) brand photography session with Xiaopan Photography and; 3) Web design rebranding with Crystal Williams.

Humankind witnessed so much in 2020: An impeachment, the murders of too many black men and women (Ahmaud, Breonna, George and more), civil unrest, our country clearly divided, the deaths of Kobe Bryant, daughter Gigi and other precious souls, and the loss of over 1.81 million souls worldwide to this deadly pandemic. And we’re still fighting social injustice and COVID-19!

Don’t get it twisted, despite all the unprecedented drama, heartache and losses 2020 brought us, in the darkness there were also beams of light.

There was an AWAKENING.

It was like God was telling us we need to stop and think about our actions as a human race. Like he was saying (and is still saying), go to your room and when you wanna act civil, you’ll be free to come out.

For many, 2020 has shown us that even through trials, we can still flourish, and go after our dreams. That we can make new connections and strengthen connections with our loved ones even if it is only virtually. That our mental, physical and spiritual health is key to survival. That we should let go of our petty grudges and love our people and frenemies alike. That we should forgive and show compassion to others.

We learned what really matters in this life.

We now know, that our know knows, that life is but a vapor and we’ve gotta make that – count. I’m making my dash count. What about you?

Y’all be safe. Love you like a fat kid loves cake.

Peace and blessings,



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