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5 Tips - How to Dress Comfortable & Cute

Hello Stylistas! I’m back like I said I would be…… As you already know, I’m a little bit extra when it comes to putting together outfits. But there is one thing for sure, whoever you are it is important to dress YOUR part. For me, it’s putting Julie on it…whatever the outfit is. Today, I’m sharing 5 tips on how to be comfortable and cute!

Check out these 5 tips:

1. Dress up what’s deemed simple outfits. That white tee shirt and pair of jeans? Throw on colorful

sneakers, headband and accessories all of one color to add a pop!

2. Sneakers and Skirts/Dresses. Many shy away from this, but give it a try! One thing for sure…

you’ll be comfy!

3. Solid colored jumpsuit. As you see in the pictures here… I threw on this uber comfortable Kate

Stretch Cotton Twill Jumpsuit from Dia and Company, and coordinated the outfit with turquoise

accessories, Bird Eagle loafers and Multi-Cross Body Bag from Kurt Geiger, and a hat from Lack of

4. A Jean Jacket. Jean jackets generally make an outfit look casual and comfy.

5. Statement Tee. I have a boat load of these things and I wear them all kinds of ways. Throw on

yours with a pretty skirt, sandals, flats or heels with a dynamite blazer and you’re set!

With that said, I hope this helps you on your style journey! And have fun discovering your true style.

Until next time...peace and blessings,




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