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5 Ways to Get Inspired!

Stylistas! We can all admit the last almost two years have taken alot out of us. And event If we rewind to the years before the pandemic, we as humans suffered from a lack of inspiration at sometime in our lives. But, bruh!!!!! Our current world situation and times is epic!

Because are we now dealing with 100 times the negativity in the world, sprinkled with a huge dose of uncertainty, I'm sure lots of our focus on creating has been on the back burner. Today, I thought I'd do a redux of a blog post that would fit our lives today and anyday!

So I wanna re-share 5 Ways to get inspired!  Get inspired and return to doing what you love.  You know, get your mojo back!

Listen to Music

Music has the ability to inspire higher brain functionality when the music being played is something that is enjoyable to listeners. If you find that you’re having trouble getting through the end of a creative project, music could be your answer.  Find a genre or a playlist that includes songs with few lyrics so you can focus while listening. Spotify has an entire playlist dedicated to music that helps listeners focus. If not Spotify, you can find free options for music that assists with focus on YouTube as well.


Reports show that meditation can be linked to increased clarity of thought, improved organization, and a boost in the ability to solve complex problems. That’s why it is an awesome tool for individuals who work in creative fields. When you feel that you’ve lost your motivation, take a quick meditation break. About 15-30 minutes would be ideal, but even just five minutes of focused meditation could help if that’s all you have time for.  Find a quiet room. Stream a meditation track on your phone and follow along with its prompts to recharge your mind and focus on the present moment.

Get Off Social Media

Unplug, whatever that means for you.  Put down your phone, get off your laptop and engage with the real world for a huge dose of inspiration.  Go to a local café, sit outside and people watch. Try to see everything in a different light.  Listen to people’s conversations, their opinions. Think about why they’ve chosen the shoes they’re wearing, the lipstick they’re applying. Take a trip to parts of town you’ve not ventured to before and walk among the markets and parks to bus stops and stations you wouldn’t usually wait at. You won’t notice what motivates people in the real world by sitting in your house or at your desk.

Be Inspired By The Inspired

You should always embrace your inner whoever.  I love Michelle Obama, Tracee Ellis Ross, Jennifer Lopez.  I mention these women because they inspire me in one way or another.  We’ve all got our secret creative and life/style crushes, and I say embrace them. Go all out. Buy the books, listen to the music, see the films, wear the fashion. Sometimes it helps to have a creative middleman (woman), because then you can trace their inspiration ‘journey’ – see what led them in certain directions and explore where they’ll take you. So, whenever I’m really stuck for inspiration, I’ll grab my “In The Company of Women”, by Grace Bonney, “Love Style Life”, by Garance Dore or plug into a Mattie James podcast.


Never forget what brought you initially to your inspirational love.  Remember to key into that spark that brings both an outer and inner smile while you are writing, giving back to your community, styling a client, or getting an unexpected direct message or email from someone telling you how much you inspire them!

“All the effort in the world won’t matter if you’re not inspired.” – C. Palahniuk

Until next time, sending you light!  #beinspired

I love you!



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