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7 Women of Faith who Inspire with Amazing Style and Grace

We see a boatload of influencers on the internet via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. But how and what are they influencing you to be?  Are you mesmerized by the pretty faces, make-up, hair, perennial smiles and what appears as everybody living their lives on 10?  I don’t want to get caught up in the trivial.   Show me someone and something real and substantive.  Something inspirational!

Today, I want to share 7 amazing women of faith, who influence me to be prayerful, joyful, steadfast and of faith even in trying times. Each one of them have lifted my spirits or given me a word at the right time on what may have been a not so good day for me, or for them!  I can attest to the fact that being “on” is not always possible, and I love the fact that each and everyone of these women show up on good and bad days with transparency, while exuding class, grace and style.  And when I use the word “style”, I’m not just talking about fashion.

Allow me to introduce you to:

Erika “Amerika” Brooks

Shayla Mackey-Gentry

Paula Holloway

Pentene Milner

Lillian Yvette

Rickey Nicole

Lisa Hale

Although this post doesn’t contain alot of text, it doesn’t need to.  So I’m gonna leave this right here with the links, so you can check out each and every one of these women. Get ready to be inspired, y’all,  Because we all need inspiration; I know that I do!

And until next time, love and light!




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