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Accessorize Yourself With A Statement!


Hey there!

Do you ever get dressed in the morning and say to yourself, “Something is missing!”  You’ve probably forgotten that piece of statement jewelry that will make your ensemble POP!  I often find myself changing up jewelry in the morning, like I change outfits! My goal is to have on the winning combination when I walk out the door. Creativity is key.

Accessories are important and have the capability of changing the entire look and feel of an outfit.

Here are a few tips for accessorizing yourself: 

Make sure your choices balance each other. It’s probably not a good idea to wear huge earrings with a chunky neckpiece.  The focal point will be your jewelry and not your outfit. Accessories should enhance and compliment what you are wearing. The best combinations give the appearance of understated elegance and style.  Try small diamond studs with a chunky necklace or long, dangling earrings without a necklace and a bold cuff bracelet.


This would work great for a date night!

Each item should be in proportion to your body frame. This tip is simple, DON’T let your jewelry overpower you. Bold pieces should be allowed to stand out, so do not over-crowd your look by wearing them within close proximity of each other.

Your choices should be appropriate for your outfit and occasion.  In 2016, workplace rules for attire are more relaxed than in the past.  It’s okay to wear jewelry that stands out.  But if you’ve got a board meeting to attend, leave the large, dangling earrings at home and go with jewelry that is a little more conservative.  For date night, go all out and have fun with your funky pieces.  Remember to always balance out your choices.  You don’t want to overdo it.  Experiment and use your best judgement.


Accessories are more than just jewelry! Pull out the stops by coordinating your outfits with colorful or embellished handbags, belts, scarves and rings!

Until next time, love and light!




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