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BACK ON THE BLOCK - 7 Tips on How to Comeback After a Health Crisis

As most of you are aware, I suffered a so-called health crisis, which really turned into a thing. Thankfully, God has lifted me up and moved me along in my recovery and I'm looking ahead in such a positive manner. Along with sharing a nice outfit, my post will consist of some helpful tips to help others along for their "comeback" after a health crisis.


It's okay to look back on the past.

But don't be paralyzed by the happening. Keep it mind that all things happen for a reason and you're here for a purpose. Delve into it.

Take the necessary time to rest.

When your body says rest, do it! Take it from me; a former non napper,

who now naps WHENEVER my body says so. Did you know that sleep regenerates your cells?

Don't be held captive by fear.

Don't let what happened captivate all of your attention and push you into the thinking about

future negativity. I have learned even more so during this time to: 1) pray and give my cares to the MOST HIGH, 2) surround myself with a wonderful group of friends who offer encouragement, support and love; hugs and a shoulder to cry on. And, who also get me back and track when I'm wrong and remind me that I'm my worst critic, 3) talk to my therapist.

Make exercise a daily routine.

After my episode, which consisted also of a mini-stroke I was encouraged to walk, walk, walk... Now I'm really in the mindset of working out regularly. I'm even considering running. It's funny that my "vision board", visualized before my episode - says in 2022 I will be in the best shape of my life.


Make a decision about work.

Make sure you get back to work when you are physically and mentally able. Luckily, I have an amazing employer and supervisor who were so compassionate and understanding about what I was going through and still are.

Plan something. And keep planning.

Spend more time with those who make you happy. Go on a trip that you've been thinking about for a long time, but haven't gone. Have a big birthday party. Dance when someone or no one is watching. Live your life to the fullest!

Dress - H&M || Straw Bag - Chico's || Sandals - Steven Madden || Sunnies - Amazon Fashion || Hat - Gigi Pip

And with that said, I'm checking out until next time! Love you with all my heart.

Peace and blessings!



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You look amazing as always!

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