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Can I Just Twirl The Cares Of Life Away?

Chambray  Jacket – Bisou Bisou // Mango Organza Midi Skirt – New York & Company // White Tank – Forever 21 // Green Suede Stillettos – Nine West // – Images by Yours truly

Hello there.

This week has been especially emotional and tough for me with all the turmoil going on in the world. I’m sure you are feeling some type of way also. My position on all this madness is that none of us should just sit on the sidelines with a closed mouth. Know that change will not occur unless our voices are heard. We must do something! Pray, protest, blog, contact the justice department, sign petitions on gun control, educate your loved ones on how to deal with law enforcement to lessen the loss of life. Tell your loved ones and others that hate or revenge will only make matters worse. Tell them that love is greater than evil and that in the very end, good will stand. Know that this is warfare; spiritual warfare.

I’ve struggled with posting anything related to style or fashion because of the fear it may appear frivolous. However, I took a picture of myself twirling around last weekend and thought, this would be a perfect caption for my post today: “Can I just twirl the cares of life away?” How fitting, because many times in life we would rather hide or not address the ills that confront us as a human race. Well these issues honey, can’t be  twirled away. Until next time, be safe out there!

I love y’all!




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