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Do What Sets Your Soul on Fire. 7 Ways to Give Back to Your Community.

My girls, Rachel and Crystal came out to volunteer for the event! Thank you!

Loved assisting this young lady, whose name just happened to be Julie, too!

Beautiful dress!!!

This past weekend, I participated in the Positive Results Corporation’s 3rd Annual Prom Dress Party. You all know I love most everything style and fashion, but more than that, how about making someone feel amazing as they prepare for one of the most important days in their young lives? On my style blogging and personal styling journey, what makes me happiest is doing something that helps someone else smile.  In short, doing what sets my soul on fire.  So I say to you, do what sets your soul on fire! In this post I’m sharing 7 ways to give back to your community:

  1. Use Your Talents. As a stylist, it’s exciting to offer my services to ladies in need. For example, last year I did style makeovers for breast cancer survivors during Breast Cancer Awareness month for a large shopping outlet in the city. You likely have an area of expertise that’s of value to others. Consider teaching classes on entrepreneurship to local residents or offer to teach a specialized skill that could be of value to those who have been out of the workforce for a while. Helping be apart of something that’s bigger than yourself will deliver happiness in your life.

  2. Participate in Holiday Food Drives. During the holidays, many businesses encourage employees to bring in unopened non-perishable canned and boxed foods that can be donated to local food banks. This is a fantastic way to help you community, and it requires very little additional tie. You’ll only have to set aside a half hour or so just before Christmas to transport the items.

  3. Volunteer for your Local Food Bank. There are many volunteer opportunities with food banks that you can assist. Through this, you get to play an active part in reducing food waste, support those in need and you’ll also get the benefit of meeting folks that are like-minded.

  4. Help Clean Up Your Neighborhood Parks. By joining a community cleanup project, volunteers of all ages work together — mowing grass, picking up trash, and hauling away debris — to keep parks and playgrounds clean and beautiful for all to enjoy. Parks are a crucial part of any community, as they’re great spaces for people to get active. Parks are also perfect for events big and small, including picnics, concerts, and farmers markets, all of which bring people together.

  5. Volunteer at a Local School. Giving time to the students of a local school will improve the quality of education for them. If you are athletic, you may volunteer yourself as a coach to the school’s sports teams or help organize sporting events. If you have a knack for teaching, you can spend time tutoring students after class hours. You can also do something as simple as sprucing up the school campus, in the form of cleaning, repainting, or the like. Spending time to help nurture youth will always be time well spent. It is vital for children to have a role models they can look up to — someone who they can find inspiration from.

  6. Support Local Businesses That Give Back. By purchasing products from organizations that give back you are contributing significantly to their causes, since a percentage of their proceeds goes to funding community programs. Seek out the businesses in your community that give back, either through proceeds and donations or through a one-for-one format, in which one of what you purchase is then donated to someone in need.

  7. Buy Someone’s Lunch. You can do this any day of the week, and it takes no time at all. Whether you’re in the drive-through or sitting in a restaurant, there’s nothing nicer than picking up the tab for someone else. It is a wonderful surprise and will make their day. Simply point out the table, and inform your server that you’d like to pay their bill. You’ll provide some joy and—who knows?—you might start a trend that lasts all day.

Kandee Lewis (Executive Director of the PRC) and all the wonderful volunteers for the event! I’m in the back somewhere!

MMLA sis, Trish Lindo and myself.

Kandee Lewis, and a beautiful young lady from Montebello High School, who is going to look like a princess on her prom night. She left with a big ole grin on her face! I was grinning too!

More information on the Prom Dress Party:

The Prom Dress Party is an event held in the City of Compton annually to benefit young ladies who are unable to afford prom dresses and the accessories for their Prom Night.  For the past two years, I have participated with my Melanin Movement Los Angeles sisters in this event. In addition, I reached out to my girlfriends to donate items for the cause and they came through with some outstanding items!

I just want to say thank you to each and everyone who donated to the event that I asked.  And I must say, I was on the look out on the day of the event to see who walked away with the beautiful dresses and items that my friends donated.

If you live in the Los Angeles area and would like to donate to the Prom Dress Party event next year, please contact the Positive Results Corporation for more information.

So remember, pick your passion and just do what sets your soul on fire. It’ll make you feel so good inside!

Until next time, love and light!




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