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Dress it up in LOVE.

Cold Shoulder Sweatshirt – New York and Company // Leggings – Soho Jeans by New York and Company // Clutch Bag & Sunnies – Forever 21 // Statement Necklace – New York and Company // Bracelet and Earrings – Nordstrom Rack // Shoes – Sam Edelman

Hello there Stylistas!

This week has been amazing! People, don’t underestimate the power of prayer and how GOD is able to calm your soul. HE. IS. ABLE.

I was asked to participate in a photo shoot with the brand Covered Perfectly a few weeks ago and I happily accepted. So, yesterday I got the chance to hang out with a bunch of beautiful and fabulous women and be a model for the day. I’m so not a model, but I had a great time! Stay tuned for more in a later post.

As the hopeless romantic, this graphic sweatshirt with the word “LOVE” emblazoned upon it was a yes for me. Paired with black leggings, it was dressed up with a statement necklace and fancy heels! Voila! Dressed up in LOVE! Get it?

Love ya’ll!

Until next time!




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