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For the Love of Tulle

Red Tulle Skirt – Old // Black Blouse – New York and Company // Shoes – Ross Dress for Less // Red Handbag – Gifted // Sunnies – Target Style // Images by Maya Lott

Hey there!

It’s February, and if you look around you’ll see lots of evidence of the impending holiday. Store displays and aisle ways are overloaded with pink, white and red displays, stuffed animals, hearts and chocolate. Let’s not forget flower and jewelry commercials!

Because I’m a hopeless romantic, let’s just say I’m (no pun intended), enamored with Valentine’s Day. I’m also in love with this red tulle skirt that I purchased 2 years ago for my milestone birthday (50) party! I actually pulled it from the back of my closet to share with you, because it is perfect for a Valentine’s day look.

When wearing an extravagant item such as a tulle skirt, it is important to pair with pieces that will add balance. Choose a blouse that is classic, simple and of a solid hue. Add a choker or statement necklace with a fabulous shoe and, voila!

Let’s spread love this month and for all of our days!

Until next time, more love and light!




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