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Happiness is an Inside Job.

Author Jonathan Rauch, said in his book, The Happiness Curve: Why Life Gets Better After 50, “the mid-life crisis is a cliché: balding, paunchy man in red sports car, frantically trying to convince himself that women still find him attractive. For a woman, it might be something similar. But there will be the day that we wake up as a mid-lifer realizing we are not the whipper snapper we use to be, and as my optometrist even told me, it’s all down hill from here. But if you ask any friend of mine, my mindset and spirit is youthful…and it will always be as that is who I am! And, because, happiness is an inside job!

The truth is, research has shown that folks over 50 have the highest levels of happiness in three key areas: their finances, appearance and overall well-being. Not taking away from difficult periods, this age group is just shifting our goals away from chasing status, and building connections and community with others – values that not only increase our own contentment and those around us. There are growing numbers of healthy, happy folks in their 60s, 70s and even 80s that are eager to make a difference in the world around them by volunteering, mentoring, launching encore careers and keeping up with new technology, knowledge and skills, cutting back on their 8-5 hours and stress without retiring.

Let me tell you, I’ve never been more busy, and fulfilled. Sis, I’m having the time of my life. But what I’m not trying to do is during this time is:

  1. Look younger. Okay, I’ve definitely got “auntie vibes”, but it’s called swag and I’ll always have it. Dress appropriately, your way. But not like a 20 year old.

  2. Not Invest in My Future. That means saving, planning for rainy days.

  3. Keep Toxic People in My Circle. I don’t have the time nor energy to entertain toxic people. PERIODT.

  4. Focus on Being Retired. I may never retire from working, but I intend to keep it moving (literally and figuratively) through volunteerism & continuing with an “encore career”.

What I am focused on is:

  1. Purpose

  2. Introspection

  3. Deepening my bond with the MOST HIGH

  4. Loving others, including my enemies

  5. Making God proud

What are your thoughts on making your happiness an inside job? Drop a comment below, I’d love to hear from you!

Until next time, love and light!


Dress – Soho LA / Blouse – Tracee Ellis Collection (sold out) / Combat Boots – Steve Madden Girl / Belt – Soft Surroundings (sold out) / Hair – Carmen Veazie / Images – Vincent Luu


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