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I Can I Must I Will: 2020 Brings New Vision

When I feel like I can’t, I will repeat to myself: I Can, I Must, I Will.

Looking forward to 2020!

Let’s Go!

“I Can, I Must, I Will”, is the perfect phrase for the new decade that is upon us. This is definitely a time for new visions and enthusiasm!

The “I Can, I Must, I Will” tee shirt I’m wearing in this post is from my first born’s clothing line. Check out his Instagram page, Lifestyles of Achievement (LOA). LOA is brand that advocates God, unity, peace and motivation.

Well, today not only marks the beginning of a new year and decade, but is the day I decided to begin my business/blogging journey in 2016.

If you’ve been following my blog for sometime, you know I usually do a “look back” at the previous year. Well, this year I’ll be looking at the year ahead, because as they say, “I only look back to see how far I’ve come.”

For 2020


  1. Be a better human. Better friend, wife, mother, grandmother.

  2. Work harder.

  3. Exercise more.

  4. Soak up the wisdom of others.

  5. Be less judgemental.

  6. Spend more time in nature.


  1. Cast every single care on the MOST HIGH, for when you draw closer to him, he draws closer to you. #facts

  2. Step out of my comfort zone.

  3. Protect my peace at all costs.

  4. Spend less time on social media. Read more.

  5. Let go of negative thoughts, bitterness, grudges.

  6. Spend less money, save more money.

  7. Be laser focused on my goals.


  1. Study the word of GOD more.

  2. Be consistent.

  3. Eat cleaner.

  4. Learn a new skill.

  5. Volunteer for an organization that I feel passionate about.

  6. Travel for pleasure, not for emergencies.

  7. Be blessed with a campaign that knocks my socks off!

What are your I Can, I Must, and I Wills for this year? I’d love to hear from you! Cheers to the new year and new beginnings.

I love y’all!


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