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I Love My Teddy Bear (Coat)

Hey there lovelies, especially my Los Angeles people! All of us in the City of the Angels have been overwhelmed with the cold and rain for the last few weeks.  I’m sure folks in other parts of the country are sick and tired of our whiny complaints.  But the struggle is real! Some of us can’t deal with 50 degrees (that would be me.)  Throw in weather in the 40’s, 30’s, rain and in some parts of California, snow, I’ve had to revamp my wardrobe when it comes to outerwear.  It’s because of this weather that I now love my teddy bear (coat)!

I began to see these types of coats emerge last season, but I’m from a place where sunny skies and warm weather prevails, right?  NOT this season.  And if global warming is a thing, and I believe it is; we spoiled brats on the west coast may be buying puffer coats for the winter months in the coming years!  I digress.

Back to this beautiful teddy coat I purchased at Forever 21 some months ago.  Per usual, I purchased the item for a steal!

Since we’re headed into the Spring months, retail outlets are having amazing sales right now.  Click on the SHOP MY STYLE link below to see more beautiful teddy coats from Amazon Fashion!  We’re gonna need to bundle up, y’all!

Until next time, love and light!




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