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It’s So Easy Being Green – The Elegant GREEN Evening Gown   

Hello lovelies!  It’s nice to be back online, after a short hiatus from writing on the blog!  I recently made the transition from one gig to another after 5 years.  It happened very quickly, my head is still spinning!  I’m here because I’ve just gotta share with you this beautiful, green elegant evening gown that is a pretty new addition to my wardrobe. It’s So Easy Being Green – The Elegant GREEN Evening Gown.

In April, I attended my former employers’ 2019 Spring Legacy Leaders Gala and just so happened to stumble upon a beautiful green colored gown with floral appliques for the evening in my local Macy’s department store, after having to take my first purchase back because it was too long.

Have you all ever heard the song, “It Ain’t Easy Being Green?”  I think it was a song from the show Sesame Street, sung by the Oscar the Grouch.  You guys, Oscar lied.  It’s so easy being green, especially when you’re wearing an elegant evening gown!

Until next time, love and light!



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