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Let’s Stand with Our Heroes on the Frontline!

Stylistas! We have so much to be thankful for, especially for the amazing front line healthcare warriors who are fighting to save the lives of so many, while putting their own lives at risk during this pandemic. Today I’m partnering with Dr. Scholl’s to stand up for one of our angels on the front line, Dr. Deborah Byers. Join with me, and let’s stand with our heroes on the frontline.

Dr. Deborah Byers

Headed to hospital

After deployment

Dr. Byers volunteered for a 3 week crisis response deployment in New York City at a medical facility heavily impacted by COVID-19. When duty called – Deborah answered. There was no hesitation, just the NEED to help her fellow human. She voiced feeling a sense of purpose about her impending assignment and expressed to her fellow colleagues, “never forget WHY you’ve chosen this profession”. She joined thousands of nurses across the United States in this effort.

After completing her deployment, Deborah returned home to self-quarantine, feeling unwell with the realization that she most likely had contracted the corona virus, while caring for her patients. She is currently recovering in her home.

Dr. Deborah Byers , we stand with you! Sending you love, prayers and a heartfelt thank you!!!!!! What an inspiration you are.

You all know I love partnering with brands who show appreciation and support to those in need. @drscholls_usa has donated $2million in insoles to healthcare workers across the United States. That donation included over 160,000 pairs of Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Work insoles which are proven to reduce muscle fatigue and absorb shock. Our healthcare workers are on their feet at least 12+ hours per shift!

In addition, @drscholls_usa has donated monies to @directrelief to provide much needed PPE and critical medications to healthcare workers.

Stylistas, I encourage you to stand with me. Simply post a video or photo of you standing up for a healthcare worker and let them know they are amazing Make sure you use the tag #WeStandwithYou and #standupchallenge.

Are you with me?

Learn more about how you can donate at @directrelief to ensure our precious healthcare workers have the PPE they need to protect themselves!

Remember, we’re in this together!

Until next time, love and light!




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