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Look Like a Million Bucks, Without Spending It.

Here’s how:

  1. Don’t buy clothing or shoes at full price, unless it’s a staple or something you must have.

  2. Rule: Don’t break the bank. Save for it, if you have to.

  3. Wait until that item you love goes on sale to purchase. I call it stalking the internet, lol!

  4. Try shopping at vintage stores. I’ve amazing items, like a pair of beautiful, suede blue Vince Camuto shoes that had never been worn for $20!

  5. Check out Amazon fashion, Letgo, Poshmark and the Real Real for great clothing and shoe choices for a steal!

  6. Make sure you inspect those inexpensive items and look at them focusing on the thought, “if I saw someone else with this on, would I think they were well constructed, good quality?”

  7. Make sure you start with a clean slate, lol!  That means clean and presentable. But you all knew that anyway!

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Love y’all!



Blouse – New York and Company / Pleated Skirt – New York and Company / Shoes (sold out) – Forever 21 / Belt – Neiman Marcus / Sunnies –  Amazon / Hoop Earrings – Amazon  / Watch – Elixa

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