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Make Ageless Style Haute in 3 Easy Ways.


Should we care what others think at this stage of our lives? Often times, the woman who is confident in her personal style abides by the notion that age-appropriate dressing means nothing for them; it’s all about dressing for your body type. The truth of the matter is, that no matter what your age is, you can remain relevant and turn heads with class and elegance.

Our generation is redefining the concept of aging, just as we’ve redefined so many other things. Make ageless style haute in 3 easy ways:

  1. DRESS YOUR AGE, NOT YOUR SHOE SIZE: Style after 40 is not about being in competition with your daughter or looking like the girl you were 20 years ago; it’s about dressing like the woman you are now. What matters most is that you feel as comfortable in your clothes as you do in your skin. I’m not saying hide those great legs of yours, but daisy dukes? C’mon.

  2. DRESS TO FLATTER YOUR CURRENT FIGURE: I own a number of pencil skirts that are form fitting. The difference now compared to 20 years ago is that today I will pair my form fitting skirt with a tunic instead of that crop top I wore in 1995. I dress in 2016 to flatter my body now. Once you’ve looked at your body honestly and figured out what works best now and what no longer is flattering, you’ll feel more confident in what you choose to wear.

  3. REVITALIZE YOUR WARDROBE: Move your style out of the past and into the present, without trying to look younger. Mix and match timeless pieces with current trends to maintain a youthful appearance. It’s okay to wear neutrals, but don’t be afraid of color. If you are color shy, try starting with a beautifully colored scarf or a sexy sandal or stiletto that provides that pop of color for your black, beige or navy ensembles.

And a bonus for you, MOST OF ALL, HAVE FUN! The 94 year old fashion icon, Iris Apfel once said, “If your hair is done properly and you are wearing good shoes, you can get away with anything.” So folks, live a little and leave the frumpy behind. #yolo

Click on the “Styling Services” tab to find out how I can be of service to you. I want to help you project the best version of yourself to the world.

Until next time, love and light!




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