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Make it Look Expensive.

Hello Stylistas!

I’ve come to the conclusion that there is a definite art to shopping on a budget and making it appear that money isn’t an issue. Looking good in your clothes isn’t about having on expensive designer labels, it’s about being put together and wearing well made, timeless pieces. Ever tried going thrift shopping?  Hidden treasures await you…

Check out the beautiful jacket I’m wearing in this post:


I purchased this vintage Jones New York jacket for $8 at my local Goodwill store!  There have been many times I’ve had the retail itch, but didn’t have the monies needed to hit the mall, so I went thrift shopping and left with a couple of outfits for under $30!

My love for vintage/thrift shopping began when I was 17 years old (a long time ago), when Melrose Boulevard in Los Angeles was bustling with the Flip craze and Aardvarks stores.  I moved on from Melrose to smaller boutique vintage shops and well known haunts like the Salvation Army and Goodwill.


I find that some are opposed to vintage shopping because the “used” label can be somewhat of a turn off. If you are on the fence, just visit one of your local thrift stores and take a look!  You’ll be surprised at the hidden treasures you’ll stumble upon.  And if the the “secondhand” notion gets to you, dry clean before you wear!  Well, you should wash or dry clean anyway, lol!

Also, know there are purses, belts and jewelry to be found also!

Peace and Blessings Y’all,


Images by Maya Lott – (Vintage-Goodwill) Jones New York Jacket – Mossimo by Target Distressed Boyfriend Jeans/Burgundy Braided Belt – White Tee – Forever 21 Neckpiece – Nine West Suede Pumps in Light Blue – MAC Ruby Woo Retro Matte Lipstick



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