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Pastels for Springtime!

Hello Style Mavens –

Life happens so I’m posting this blog a day late!

I’m sure the springing forward of our time pieces this morning made us even more ready for springtime to arrive!  A time for cleaning clutter, blooming flowers, warmer weather and new beginnings!


I love reading fashion magazines and one of my favorites is InStyle. I ran across their January 2016 edition’s What’s Now! section that focused on the trend of wearing pastels this springtime.  According to writer Sharon Clott Kanter, the Pantone colors of 2016 are Rose Quartz  and Serenity.  Fancy names for pink and baby blue!

So, I decided to do some closet shopping and see what I could come up with and these hues are already in my wardrobe!  But for those of you who would like to liven up your current selection of clothing by adding some colorful pieces or maybe doing a little closet spring cleaning, contact me!  #letmestyleyou

pastels for springtime 2

For more information, click “Styling Services”.

Until next time, love and light!




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