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Pink + Blue

Pink + Blue Tie Dye Tunic – Nordstrom Rack // Pink Pencil Skirt – Jennifer Lopez for Kohl’s // Blue Suede Shoes – Vince Camuto // Jewelry – Nordstrom Rack // Photography – By yours truly.

Hey there!

My sights have been totally focused on the weekend, as I anticipate a fun photo shoot with my photographer and phenomenal niece, Maya!

I purchased a tripod a few weeks ago, when Maya disclosed her plans to be out of town for sometime. It forced me to either find another photographer or take them myself. I chose me, lol! I’ve discovered that being your own personal photographer leaves a lot to be desired. Not to mention pictures with my head and shoes missing, bad lighting choices and a ton of blurry frames. However, with time and a whole lot of practice, I could become an expert! Who knows! Each personal photography session, is a teachable moment.

Yesterday, I decided to be uber comfortable with a pink and blue tie dye tunic and pink pencil skirt. I paired the duo with Vince Camuto pumps I purchased from my local vintage store for…wait on it…$20! And they had never been worn! #winning

Until next time, love and light!




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