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Re-Energized with Celltrient

If I haven’t told you already, aging isn’t for the faint at heart. For me, it’s been fraught with hormones gone crazy, aches and pains, and the effects of gravity I’ve never seen in my lifetime!

So, partnering with Nestle Health Science for the launch of Celltrient Cellular Nutrition; a nutritional supplement that works with your body to promote cellular health, was a no brainer for me.

If you didn’t know, as you age your body experiences something called AACD, better known as Age- Associated Cellular Decline. Celltrient 1) was designed to target our declining cells; 2) is backed by science ; 3) is made to address sources of cell aging:

  1. Mitochondrial Health Decline

  2. NAD+ Decline

  3. Glutathione Decline

Products include:

Cellular ENERGY Drink Mix (Summer Cherry & Orange flavors) – Helps rejuvenate your body’s ability to make energy!

Cellular STRENGTH Drink Mix (Raspberry Promegranate & Lemon flavors) -Helps renew the power plants in your muscle cells!

Cellular PROTECT Drink Mix (Cranberry & Lemon flavors) – Helps to replenish building blocks for Glutathione production!

PROTECT & STRENGTH also come in dietary supplement capsules.

I began my journey with the product over a month ago, taking the Cellular ENERGY drink mix.

I’ve been very transparent about my love of coffee and caffeine. However, for months I’d been contemplating giving up caffeine altogether, because I was experiencing fatigue at the end of the day or I’d have to have another cup of coffee for an extra boost to get me through the day.

During my first week using the product I have to admit I didn’t give up coffee, but I incorporated the Celltrient drink mix into my diet once a day as a separate beverage with ice water.

In the second week, I gave the caffeine up completely. Although I experienced some caffeine withdrawal, I continued to include the Celltrient ENERGY drink mix into my daily regime.

5 weeks later, I will say that I have leveled energy throughout the day and the brain fog I was experiencing has dissipated. When I get home after a 10 hour work day, I don’t feel too tired to cook anymore, I can work out in the morning and I now elect to take the stairs instead of the elevator at work.

In addition, I’ve added the Cellular PROTECT and Cellular STRENGTH to my diet. My product of choice has been the drink mixes altogether and my favorite flavors are the Cellular ENERGY Orange, Cellular PROTECT Lemon and Cellular STRENGTH Lemon.

Sometimes I mix my beverages with a plain sparkling water and add a sugar-free Caramel syrup to switch things up a bit.

Also, the drink mix packets are easy to carry, conveniently packaged and portioned. I have packets readily available at hand for work and home.

Celltrient Cellular Nutrition may be for you if you are experiencing lack of energy, reduced stamina or strength.

The entire portfolio of products, including nutrition drink mixes and supplements are available at

Until next time,

Love and light.




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