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Scuba Print. Chambray. My Favorite Peplum Blouse.

Hello Style Mavens!  Happy Hump Day!!!!

When I closet shop, I definitely look for old items to mix with recently purchased pieces.  One of my favorite “old” pieces is this faux leather peplum top I purchased from the Jennifer Lopez Collection at Kohl’s.  I picked it up maybe 3 years old during a clearance sale and it hasn’t gotten much rest since!


The best benefit to wearing a peplum is that the right one can actually make you look slimmer, especially on those bloated days when you want to be cute, but don’t want to cover up too much.

Just remember:

  1. Choose a soft material so the look is more modern.

  2. Make sure what you wear under the “umbrella” is streamlined like tapered pants or a pencil skirt.

  3. Jazz it up with edgy accessories; a chunky neckpiece or brightly colored clutch or bold shoes.

  4. Have fun!!


Love and light! 


Images by Maya Lott

New York and Company Scuba Print Pencil Skirt – Jennifer Lopez Collection by Kohl’s Faux Leather Peplum Top – Worthington by JC Penney Chambray Shirt – Vince Camuto Snakeskin Booties



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