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I love that I was born with curves.  And yes, I got them from my mama, Julia Mae.  However, life and eating gave me a little more than extra, in places that I want to hide sometimes.  Well, I’ll admit most of the time.  So, collaborating with Svelte was right up my alley.  What is Svelte you might ask?  Svelte is a company that produces shapewear jeans, leggings, tanks, shorts and skirts.  All of their garments have a built in waist panel to accentuate and flatter what your mama gave you!  The clothing also forms to your figure with a 4-way stretch spandex panel.

Svelte was born when the founder, Liliana Turecki realized that as she moved into her 40’s, there was the need to move into different types of clothing.  She and her business partner sampled and tried different fabrics and designs until they came up with the perfect blend for a polished contour.

Picture courtesy of Chantals Corner

I received a pair of their slim cut denim jeans that are classic in color, timeless, uber comfortable, and very soft.  I often tout that there is nothing that can hold in this belly of mine, but you know what?  These leggings did.  They hug every curve, but I can still move, bend and squat uninhibited.  Everything is right where it needs to be.  And perfect for those days when I want to feel everything is in place.

Have a great day, y’all!  I’m feeling fine, cause I got my jeans on!



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