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Suited Up.

I’m ready for this day!  After being away from my day job for 2 weeks, it’s time to hit it!  Decided I’d suit up for the challenge.  It’s rare that you’ll find me in an ensemble that’s so uniform, but why not?  Gotta mix it up sometimes!


Although many style experts agree that wearing suits make you look older, I break the rules.  Check out these tips on how to choose the perfect suit.


  1. Suits are pretty expensive, so purchase something that will last you a long time and is an investment that can be worn on many occasions.

  2. Suits can be a way of showing your sexy, flirty side!  So, choose a suit with a fitted jacket that will accentuate your waist.  For a menswear look, choose traditional cigarette trousers with a button down shirt and a tie or bow tie (I shop in my husband’s closet – “hey baby”).  High heels and jewelry can make the look more feminine and stylish.

  3. Suits can even be casual.  To achieve a youthful look, choose tight trousers and a jacket in a softer fabric.  Pair with a bold, interesting print and you will have a ensemble that is trendy. Looks with business suits can be really simple (as shown here), but don’t be afraid to experiment! Add color and accessorize with a beautiful statement necklace.

  4. Suits are a stylish way to look professional and elegant. Remember to adjust it to your own style!


Be the best version of you!

Until next time, love and light.


Images by Maya Lott JCPenney Evan Picone Suit – Target Turtleneck – Chinese Laundry Emerald Green Bow Stiletto Pump



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