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The Colorful Sequin Outfit

The holiday season is almost gone, but you know we can wear sequins all year long!

Since my children left the nest, I've found this season to hit a little differently. However, I still enjoy how this time brings people together. I wish we could capture the overall feel all year long.

I digress, because I came here today to share with you some amazing colorful sequin style!

I found this beautiful green sequin blouse from Zara and the blue/gold skirt is an oldie but goodie from New York and Company (they've totally gone online, since the pandemic hit).

The faux ostrich purse is one of the pieces I pull out of my style arsenal for that wow effect and the shoes...completely hot pink from Zara.

What have you been wearing for the holiday season? Sequins, velvet, brocade, lace? It's time to get that NYE outfit if you're going out. I'll be celebrating from the comfort of my home this year.

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Until next time, love and light!




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