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The Statement Tee. Dress Up? Dress Down?

Hey there!

There are probably many women who think this “statement” tee and sweatshirt craze is a trend they’d rather not get involved in.  Some of the statements on shirts are outright outlandish and a little bit on side of being just for the teen crowd.  But what better way to make a statement about yourself, if you dare.  The trick is tailoring the trend so it becomes stylish and appropriate for you.


For the grown up crowd, these shirts can be dressed up for a day or night on the town or dressed down for a lazy Saturday!  My collection continues to grow, with catchphrases to fit my personal tastes like: Is it Friday Yet, God is Dope, Mood, Fashionably Late and my current favorite, Best Dressed.

Here are a few tips on how to stylishly wear your sweatshirt or tee:

  1. Layer under.  Think of how you layer under your favorite crewneck sweater with a pinstriped or colorful button down shirt.  Roll your sleeves up so the shirts sleeves show outside of the sweatshirt or tee. This will take the look up a notch.

  2. Pair with a statement necklace. This will dress up your t-shirt or sweatshirt.  Your necklace choice should be classic, bold and structured. If your shirt is a drab color, make sure your neckpiece is colorful.

  3. Wear with a midi, pencil or maxi skirt. For a feminine look, pair shirt with your favorite midi, pencil or maxi skirt. Include your favorite loafers or Chuck Taylors on a relaxed day, or stilettos for date night.


The possibilities are endless!  Style has no age limit.

Good night, Stylistas!


Images by Maya Lott – Forever 21 Best Dressed Sweatshirt – Thrifted (Old) Men’s Button Down Shirt – Alyx Pencil Skirt – Sam & Libby by Target Pewter T-Strap Stilettos



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