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Time to fall in LOVE with JORD.

Hello Stylistas!

As the holidays approach, I’m sure each of you know someone who is a watch lover or you may even be one yourself!  Well, I was recently approached JORD Wood Watches, a watch designer who specializes in beautiful timepieces that are made from natural materials; specifically whole wood stock.  I was thrilled for the opportunity to review their Zebrawood and Maple women’s watch.


This timepiece is distinctively made of Zebrawood, which is indigenous to West Africa and looks absolutely stunning with its combination of large grain and fine grain decorations.  The hardware the clasp is comprised of is well made, and the watch stays securely fastened on your wrist during everyday wear.  Its very unique look makes it a definite conversation starter!


Head over to JORD Wood Watches to take a look at the Zebrawood and Maple timepiece and you’ll fall in love!  I’m pretty sure of it.

Until next time,

Love and light!


Wooden Wristwatch



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