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Who. What. Wear.

Dress – WhoWhatWear Collection (Targetstyle) // Shoes – Steven Madden // Handbag – BCBG // Timepiece – JORD Collection


Hey there Stylistas!

It’s hump day and closer to the end of 2017, let’s make every moment count by making each day positive and filled with good vibes!  You know, sometimes you have to put a word out there for others and it’s also a word for yourself!  *wink *wink

The Who What Wear collection has been on the scene for a minute and has been collaborating with Target stores for a while now. During one of my runs through Target for groceries (ha!), I just happened to stumble upon this floral brown and turquoise dress that’s giving me an old school vibe.  This dress is from the Who What Wear collection.  Not only did I cop this dress from them, but also bought the cutest black sequin crop top for the holidays.  Stay tuned; it’ll be in the rotation soon!


And Stylistas!  The new year is approaching…  If you need some assistance making sense of what you call a closet, give me a call!  I’d love to help you out!

Until next time, love and light!




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