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With Style, Comfort is the Order of the Day.

Hey Stylistas!

Comfort in dressing means different things to different people.  It could mean wearing fitted dresses that show off how hard you’ve worked to maintain that snatched figure, or it could be donning loose fitting pieces that allow you to move freely; unencumbered.

What is your personal style?  Do you conform to the latest trends or are you a trendsetter?  Whatever your style is, OWN IT.

I purchased the off the shoulder blouse pictured below online from NY&Company, and its become a major staple in my wardrobe.  I absolutely love it!  The classic 501 boyfriend jeans accompanying the blouse were purchased from my local Goodwill store,  They were cut, bleached, distressed and DIY’ed into my desired look (at least somewhat, lol!)




Again, whatever style you love, go hard and own it! Be the best version of you!!!

Until next time, love and light!


Images by Freeliving Photography.

Off the shoulder blouse by NY&Company – 501Levi’s purchased from Goodwill Industries – Strappy Pumps by Nine West



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