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The Wardrobe Purge. (How To)

Hey Stylistas!

I know all of us have been or are guilty of holding onto garments that we just

don’t need in our wardrobes. Your clothing may be rarely worn, too small or you’ve

decided to hold onto pieces for years just because!

Confession: At one point, I had pieces in my closet that were 4 different sizes!

After a while, I realized this was ridiculous and one thing I didn’t want to be was

a hoarder. I decided if I got back down to a size 8, I'd buy new clothes. That was

15 years ago. So, I began the process of learning how to best purge my closet.

Along the journey I learned I could have more closet space, potentially make money and lastly and most important - - I could help someone in need!

Here is what I do:

  1. Pick a day on the weekend to complete the task because it can be time consuming if you’re doing it annually or even twice a year.

  2. Have large trash bags on hand to put my purged items into.

  3. As I identify the clothing that is leaving my closet, I throw them into 3 piles. A pile for donations, one for trash and one for items to sell.

There is one caveat for me however. If it holds sentimental value, I keep it.

It’s just that easy.

Here are some resources, just in case you are interested in donating or selling your purged items:


Working Wardrobes (Orange County)

The Positive Results Center (Evening and Formal Wear)


The Real Real (Luxury Items)

So, when are you making the purge? Just a little food for thought!

Until next time, peace and blessings!

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