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ALLY SHOES – Cute Comfortable and Stylish

The joy on my face when I put on a cute, comfortable and stylish shoe!

Hey Stylistas! When I heard about the story behind Ally Shoes, I knew this was a brand I wanted to work with! Can you say cute, comfortable and stylish shoes?

Most of you are probably aware of my ankle injury that occurred at the end of April. Basically, the injury has left my right ankle suffering with intermittent pain and bone fragments inside, according to physicians.

As a woman who loves wearing high heels (I’m talking 4 inches), my recovery has been a little discouraging and leaves me wondering if my history with high heels is now the past.

The Fierce Leopard Haircalf Pump

As a grown, grown woman, I really didn’t think I’d be strutting in my stilettos until I was eighty; although my Aunt Lula did it! I love wearing higher heels because I like looking taller, and let’s face it – – when you walk in heels your gait is quite a bit different. But even in my current predicament, I still want to look stylish even if my shoes aren’t 4 inches.

So, I reached out some of my online friends to ask if they knew of any shoe brands that offered shoes that were super comfy and CUTE. And one of the brands that was shared with me was Ally Shoes.

Leopard is the new neutral.

When I read the story behind the brand, I was amazed to find that Samantha Dong, the Founder and CEO of Ally Shoes, couldn’t find shoes that fit her properly after a foot injury. BINGO!

Samantha started Ally Shoes which is an innovative, fashion brand designed for women by women. The brand is renowned for designing pain-free heels for power women. Samantha is passionate about empowering women through fashion and making luxury footwear more accessible for women on the move.

One other great fact is that the brand teamed up with the best creative minds including designer Sara Jaramillo and podiatric expert, Dr. Roxann Clarke, to design stylish heels for all women; stylish heels that are scientifically engineered to alleviate pain.

I wouldn’t steer you guys wrong. Just know the shoe is constructed marvelously and I can walk in them without the pain I feel when I try to put on another heel.

Based in New York City, Ally provides a “try before you buy”, where you can try on the shoes before you purchase them. You’ll be asked to fill out an online questionnaire with your size and color preferences, and their fit stylist will curate a box of 1-2 pairs of the classic pumps to be delivered right to your doorstep. You keep the ones you adore, and return the others.

I’ve placed links for the shoes below if you are interested in purchasing. And they have other styles and colors, also. Stylish Paradox readers get $40 off their first pair of heels. Just use code JH40HEELS at checkout!

Ankle Strap Pump

And on another note, I’m a brand ambassador!

Until next time, love and light ladies!


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