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Summer, Sunshine and Yellow Dresses

Omgosh, Queens! It’s been a cool minute since I wrote a blog post! And if you are one of my old subscribers, you’ll see that Stylish has been revamped! I still have a few things to finalize, but we’re live! Feel free to look around, definitely subscribe and tell me what you think! I’ve missed creating content for you.

So, since my last post in Spring of this year, I have relocated to the High Desert (literally in the Lower Mojave Desert) which is about a hour outside of Los Angeles. The Hubbs and I bought a new home and I have a new job working in academia which I thoroughly enjoy. I’ve still got lots to learn, but I’m so counting my blessings as my transition from Los Angeles to our location was nothing short of a miracle.

I’m enjoying decorating, getting to know the lay of the land and meeting new people. The Hubbs and I are blessed to have family and good friends living in the same community.

To be honest, it hasn’t been easy being consistent with so much NEW on my plate, so I took a much needed break and if my schedule or body tells me to break, I’m gonna listen!

For today’s post, I’m sharing beautiful yellow dresses (linked in Shop My Style below) in honor of sunny days and sunshine.

Until next time (which should be sooner than later), peace and blessings! Oh, and again, don’t forget to subscribe!

I love y’all like I love red velvet cake!


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