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Amazon Fashion and the Sequin Maxi.

Happy Wednesday, beautiful people!  I think you all know by now, I love a great deal.  Keeping in mind that great things don’t have to be costly and it all depends on how you wear it, right! Keep them guessing with your style!  With that said, you’ve got to see my

Sequin Maxi.  And guess where I purchased it?  On Amazon fashion!

Yes you know, we must have sequins for the holiday season!  Christmas is next week and then there is NYE!

It wasn’t until about I year ago that I realized you can purchase just about anything on Amazon.  Not to mention if you’re a Amazon Prime Member, you could receive your item in a day or less!  Yep!  It’s really real.

So when you get a chance, check them out and my Amazon Influencer page!  They are one of ways I stay out of the malls on crazy, crowded days!

Until next time peeps, love and light!



Long Maxi Sequin Skirt – Amazon Fashion / White Cape Blazer – New York and Company / Silver Sidney Ankle Strapped Sandals – Steve Madden


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