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Brown Dress. Brown Skin.

Hey Stylistas –

When I first saw this dress, my goal was to purchase it in yellow. But as I searched online, I found the yellow in my size was sold out. My only other option was to get it in brown. Brown dress. Brown skin.

NEVER, have I purchased a dress so close to my skin tone that I feared we would blend together. Clearly, some may like that effect, but it really wasn’t what I was looking for. However, I took the chance anyway and was happy with the results! It actually was an easy fix! I made sure I wore my Mac Ruby Woo red lip and paired the dress with a coral clutch, gold jewelry and red

Remember, if you ever question how to spice your outfit, do two things for sure:

  1. Add color (i.e., nails, shoes, lipstick, handbag, scarf)

  2. Walk in confidence (you already have that!)

BOOM! You’re ready!

The moral of this style story is…TAKE A CHANCE!

I’ve linked more brown beauties, for your viewing or purchasing pleasure…just in case! I know some of you will be out celebrating the holiday season that is quickly approaching and may need a dress.

No judgement. I’ll be dressing up inside most likely. Ha!

Love y’all! Until next time!


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