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CHUCKS & SEQUINS: Casual Elegance

Hello Lovelies!

I live for the weekends, and they almost always include wearing a pair of Converse.  You know, Chuck Taylors?  I also believe in wearing the items in your closet that you love, so when my next shoot rolled around I knew what I’d wear!  Chucks and sequins!  A very unlikely pair, but you know with style, anything goes!

I call it casual elegance. Some might call it strange, but its never that if you can command the look. I found this beautiful blue/gold sequined skirt at New York and Company during the Christmas holiday season.  Unfortunately, it’s sold out but just click the “Shop My Style” link at the bottom of this post, just in case you want suggestions as to where you can get one.  The jacket was a steal from Forever 21 and I’m loving the frayed bottom.  I threw on a white tank top, and found in my closet treasures, the cutest little sequined cross body bag.  Oh, and you know I had the Chucks!  Sequined, to boot!

Until next time, love and light!

For links to items (or similar), click SHOP MY STYLE


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