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Dress for Your Day: Stylish Paradox Empowers & Inspires Youth

Hey there, Stylistas!

I’ve been dealing with a little bit of burnout, not to mention the unusually rainy skies in Los Angeles, which has stifled my ability to take pictures.  But know that I am committed and not going anywhere!

A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by one of my children’s advisors to speak to a group of teen leaders at a regional conference for the Top Teens of America.  Did I tell you how excited I was for the ask?!

Many years ago, I had a conversation about my desire to speak or be a mentor to young people on an ongoing basis. Didn’t know how it would happen, but this was just the beginning.  I’m watching God work in my life.

My theme for my presentation was “Dress for Your Day”, which focused on the importance of showing up for important meetings, job and/or college interviews presenting your best self.  The attendees were all on the college track, so I felt it was very important for them have this knowledge as they move forward.  I spoke about not only looking good on the outside (because it is the first thing people see), but having a winning, personable attitude to accompany your outer appearance.  The teens were engaged and asked a variety questions.

Another highlight of the day was when I was introduced to a dynamic young lady named Dymond Walker, who is 16 years old and the CEO of a digital magazine called “My Perfect Plus”.  Ms. Walker decided to present her publication to the world as an outlet and a safe haven for all who have been bullied or who are looking to re-define themselves. To read more about her and the publication, click here.

Ms. Dymond Walker, Editor and Chief of My Perfect Plus

Miss Walker and I will be working together in the future.  I see a styling session coming on!

Until my next post and adventure, peace and blessings!

I love y’all!



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