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Dressing Your Curves – The Right Way

Stylistas, Happy Weekend! I bet you’ll agree that there’s nothing worse than seeing someone dressed inappropriately, whether it be wrong for an event or wrong for a body type.  We all want to show up dressed properly, no matter what our size. On the blog today, I’m sharing some tips for dressing your curves – the right way.

It’s the ruching for me!


  1. Wear wide leg pants. They drape and hang to make legs look long and well porportioned.

  2. Balance your outfit. Loose and missshapen clothing adds more volume.

  3. Draw eyes to the smallest part of your body.

  4. Don’t hide your curves under layers of clothing

  5. You can’t go wrong with “fit and flare”.

  6. Wear shapewear.

  7. Add a belt.

  8. Dark colors hide, light colors highlight.

  9. Ruched fabric is your best friend.

  10. Wear heels.

  11. Stand tall…maintain great posture.

  12. Love your curves…BE CONFIDENT.

“Dark colors hide”

11Honore – Maria + Conejo Kiara Dress

Please share any hacks you use for dressing your lovely curves, below! I’d love to hear from you!

Until next time, love and light!

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