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Explore Your Neighborhood – The Series: Leimert Park Village

As a content creator and blogger, it’s fun discovering new exciting things and locations. But after being in the game for three whole years, I decided to finally explore my own neighborhood for a recent photo shoot because I’d been venturing out to the more popular spots for Los Angeles influencers.  I’ve got gems in my own backyard to share with the world!  Why not explore your own neighborhood? I’m sharing the first in my new series, Explore Your Neighborhood – The Series: Leimert Park Village.

A recent Saturday shoot, took me and my fellow blogger sis and photographer, Trish Lindo to Leimert Park Village. Literally walking distance from my home, this culturally rich area is where my hubby grew up.

The community of Leimert Park was created by Walter H. Leimert in 1927 as one of L.A.’s first planned communities.  It is a one and a half square mile planned community in the Crenshaw district, designed by Olmsted and Olmsted, a firm headed by sons of Fredrick Olmsted, the architect and master planner of New York City’s Central Park. Since that time, the community has become a jewel to many, consisting of beautiful homes and tree lined streets.  Also well known is Leimert Park Village, where you’ll find on any given day, street festivals of all types, accompanying art and the artistic types, ethnic eateries, coffee houses and drum circles that’ll have you literally dancing in the streets.

If you live in the Los Angeles area and haven’t visited, check it out.  It’s a wonderful place.

For this post, I put together an amazing look:

Army Jacket – J.Jill Style / Lace Skirt – Old / White Tee – Peach / Hat – Forever 21 / Daisie Pumps – Steve Madden

Images by Trishlindophotography


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