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Floral Bohemian Vibe.

Floral Bohemian Dress – New York and Company // Granny Boots – Vince Camuto // Handbag – BCBG New Generation // Belt – Targetstyle

Hello Stylistas!

For those of you who know me personally and that regularly view my blog, you know that I claim to be a closet hippie.  And although I work your standard 8 to 5, in an executive office, I silently oppose the everyday business suit and if I could…you know the drill.  I love almost everything bohemian!  Fancy free, flowing with my shoes off!

I stalked the internet for a deal on this oh so, comfortable dress with a floral bohemian vibe.  If I had to pick a dress type that compliments the “curvy woman” this would be up there, virtually at the top.  Since I am still reeling from my trip to Texas and the “see” food diet I was on, this dress fits in all the right places.  I love the tie around the neckline, which gives the dress a nice touch.

Until the next time,

Love and light.



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