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Go Red. Your Heart Will Love You.

How is your heart health? Did you know that today marks the American Heart Association’s 15th Annual National Wear Red Day? On the first Friday of each February, people from all walks of life are urged to wear red or “go red” to bring awareness to the leading killers of women, which are heart disease and stroke.

I recently had a physical examination and the results of my blood work show I have high cholesterol. My doctor even wrote the numbers on my report in caps, which read like this: CHOLESTEROL TOO HIGH.

I have struggled with varying numbers that were high and normal for about seven years. I was able to maintain lower numbers through weight loss, a heart healthy diet and regular exercise. And just so you know, having high cholesterol is one of the risk factors leading to heart disease.

So with that said, I’m back on track! And I’ll be back in my doctor’s office in 6 months to get a good report.  This time it will say:  CHOLESTEROL IS PERFECT.

I need to be around to hold my great grandchildren, y’all!

Go Red! And check out the American Heart Association, while you’re at it.

Until next time, love and light (and a healthy heart!)


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